SAFETY4SEA Crew Wellness - Issue 1

SAFETY4SEA CREW WELLNESS | ISSUE 1 | Q1 2020 3 Editorial Apostolos Belokas Founder & Managing Editor, SAFETY4SEA CONTENTS [email protected] Apostolos Belokas @ApoBelokas SAFETY4SEA (incorporating GREEN4SEA & SMART4SEA) is on a mission for safe ships & clean seas, being the world’s leading source of news and insight on safer, smarter & greener shipping using , monthly paper magazines and special publications along with video & social media. Furthermore, it hosts SAFETY4SEA, GREEN4SEA, SMART4SEA & CAREER4SEA Forums & Awards to foster excellence and share best practices across shipping. In this edition 4. 10 tips for good mental health onboard 6. SAFETY4SEA Crew Wellness Survey: Key Findings 8. Internet onboard: Friend or foe? 10. Boosting crews’ social interaction onboard: A three-fold guide 12. How to get in shape onboard 15. Why practicing mindfulness meditation onboard 16. Is fatigue well managed by the shipping industry? 18. SAFETY4SEA Crew Wellness survey 20. How ship type and age play a key role on wellness onboard 22. Crossword We act innovatively & responsibly to industry needs operating in an ethical, transparent and forward thinking way, fostering sustainable shipping Clients Environment Industry Human Element CSR Serving Clients 1,400 + Clients 75 Countries World Class Quality 20 + Years Raising Environmental Awareness GREEN4SEA SMART4SEA Events & Awards Promoting Best Practises SAFETY4SEA SMART4SEA GREEN4SEA RISK4SEA Developing Leaders SQEACADEMY SKILL4SEA Forums & Masterclasses SQEMARINE S Q E M A R I N E SAFETY4SEA Plus Explore more at Regulatory Compliance Safety Culture Tool Why SAFETY4SEA Plus 175 + Clients Discover the world’s leading Regulatory Compliance & Safety Culture tool designed for Ship & Office use in line with Industry, PSC & Vetting/TMSA needs. Quantity Unit Price * Discount Ship Subscription Pricing Scheme - 5% 10% 20% 30% 40% 1 2 - 5 6 - 15 16 - 30 31 - 49 50 + 195€ 185€ 175€ 156€ 137€ 117€ * Prices per subscription, per annum (excl. VAT) Ship Subscription Corporate Subscription Ship Subscription elements SAFETY4SEA Events Download PDF PDF presentations & attendance certificates for all events All magazine editions in PDF 3x Online libraries [Risk Assessment, Incident, Safety Digest] Download PDF 1A.2.3 9.4.2 9A.3.3 TMSA Unit Price € 195 * Unit Price 7 8 9 12x Monthly Paper issues 1 4x Quarterly paper issues 2 4x Quarterly paper issues 4x Quarterly paper issues 3 4x Quarterly regulatory update DVD [incl. Reports & Training material] (17 Flags covered) 5 4 52x Weekly safety flash e-mail [Safety Alerts, Digest & Meeting for shipboard use] Weekly safety flash 6 T he conception that shipping has been a sector that adapts slow- ly to modern changes has been around for many years, even until to- day. From technology to seafarers, maritime is pressured to do more and better. Here at SAFETY4SEA, we believe that seafarers are the backbone of shipping. For this reason, we conduct- ed a survey about their wellness on- board, gathering data from more than 9,000 seafarers. The results of the survey far ex- ceeded our optimistic expectations. However, this does not mean that problems have been eradicated. In fact, a large number of participants expressed complaints about poor connectivity onboard. In addition, bet- ter socializing opportunities were also highlighted as a key area of concern. Taking all these factors into con- sideration, the survey aims to shed more light on the working environ- ment onboard. There are many ini- tiatives working towards that specif- ic goal, but shipping has an obligation to detect any issue that may go un- noticed and address it quickly. This is the message that should be spread across.