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1. SAFETY4SEA Log (68 pp) Monthly Magazine
2. SAFETY4SEA Focus (24pp) Quarterly Magazine
3. SAFETY4SEA Crew Wellness (24pp) Quarterly Magazine
4. SAFETY4SEA Soft Skills (24pp) Quarterly Magazine
5. Quarterly Regulatory Update DVD
6. Weekly Safety Flash e-mail
7. 3 x Online Libraries (Risk Assessment, Incident & Safety Digest)  
8. PDF versions of ALL magazines (incl. Archive of past editions)  
9. PDF Presentations and certificates of attendance for all SAFETY4SEA Events  
  Annual pricing (Euros, excl. VAT) 195 € 350 €


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250+ Clients

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Features in detail

Available in: Ship Subscription
[x12 Paper]
Corporate Subscription
[x12 Paper & PDF]

1. SAFETY4SEA Log (Monthly paper magazine)

Shipping industry’s leading source for Safety, Smart & Green news

Looking the latest in shipping safety, smart and green news for your staff onboard and ashore? Want it both in paper and digital format? SAFETY4SEA delivers a unique monthly magazine. Discover a new world of reading outside the mainstream maritime news publications. Access up-to-date news and opinions; including safety, smart, environmental news and more. Be informed about the SAFETY4SEA activities across the globe, including our international forum & awards. SAFETY4SEA Log has an extensive portfolio of qualified subscribers. Join now our global maritime readership!

  • Opinions
  • Articles
  • Interviews
  • Infographics
  • Safety, Smart & Green news
  • Career Paths
  • Safety Digest
  • Alerts & Reports
  • Video & Book Review
  • Regulatory Update
  • Twitter Highlights
  • Crossword

2. SAFETY4SEA Focus (Quarterly paper magazine)

A single-topic issue available on a quarterly basis

A whole issue featuring a single topic! Well-known for its informative character, SAFETY4SEA Focus Quarterly Special Edition is written and edited targeting your seafarers onboard as well as serious, maritime enthusiasts, while showcasing hot issues concerning the industry. Get data, information and insights on issues like Navigation & ECDIS, BWMC, STCW, etc. with one topic focus at a time. With contributions from leading maritime experts, this magazine will keep your personnel aware of major issues concerning the industry, containing a distinctive and entertaining perspective on the fast-moving world of maritime.

Available in: Ship Subscription
[x4 Paper]
Corporate Subscription
[x4 Paper & PDF]
  • Articles
  • Safety Scenario & Best Practices
  • Infographic
  • Case studies
  • Crossword
Available in: Ship Subscription
[x4 Paper]
Corporate Subscription
[x4 Paper & PDF]

3. SAFETY4SEA Crew Wellness (Quarterly paper magazine)

An in-depth look into key aspects of wellness on a quarterly basis

Happy seafarers can increase productivity onboard! More than ever, nowadays, maritime industry has realized the importance of wellness for all people working onboard. Focus has been shed on finding ways to address the five key aspects of wellness: Social, Emotional, Physical, Intellectual and Spiritual. This new dedicated issue aims to redefine seafarer’s working environment, addressing ways to enhance their well-being and providing practical tips to better deal with daily challenges onboard.

  • Articles on:
    • Mental Health
    • Emotional and Physical well-being onboard
    • Fatigue Management
  • Infographics
  • Opinions
  • Crossword

4. SAFETY4SEA Soft Skills (Quarterly paper magazine)

A dedicated issue to drive business success available on a quarterly basis

Soft skills are the new hard skills! Amid a constantly changing landscape, maritime industry is struggling to redefine the way it has been doing business so far. In this changing business environment, required skills are also changing with a focus on non-technical skills, such as Leadership, Communication, Teamwork, Critical Thinking and Emotional intelligence. With in-depth articles, providing practical tips and feedback from maritime professionals, this magazine will keep you up-to-date with all latest trends to increase productivity in the workplace, giving a new prospective to one’s career path.

Available in: Ship Subscription
[x4 Paper]
Corporate Subscription
[x4 Paper & PDF]
  • Articles
  • “Ask a Leader” column
  • Infographics
  • Opinions
  • Crossword
Available in: Ship Subscription
[x4 DVDs]
Corporate Subscription
[x4 DVDs & Online]

5. Regulatory Update DVD (Weekly online update & Quarterly DVD)

An electronic newsletter of regulatory issues throughout the shipping industry

Keeping up with regulatory updates enables your crewmembers to respond to them in a well-thought-out manner, instead of trying to implement ad hoc measures at the last minute. We ensure that your personnel won’t miss any important regulatory update and stay up to date with the greater scope of important measures discussed or adopted from regulatory content providers. Integrate directly with SAFETY4SEA 4x Quarterly DVD regulatory update and share updates into your organization as alerts that can then be routed to a subject matter expert!

[Approx. 950 files arranged in 65 directories]

  • Hot Issues: Latest hot topics arranged by topic from Anti-piracy to ECA low Sulphur, ECDIS, Refugees, sustainability and more
  • Regulatory Update: SAFETY4SEA Regulatory Update including All relevant amendments and legislation
  • IMO Reports: IMO MSC/MEPC Reports, Committee Reports [ last year ]
  • Flag news: SAFETY4SEA Flag news arranged by flag for the top 14 flags of the world
  • Class News: All class alerts and safety news arranged by issuing organization
  • PSC: All latest PSC News including alerts, reports and updates from key PSCs, Class, Flags, P&I, USCG and all latest MOU & CIC reports
  • Accident Reports: SAFETY4SEA Safety Digest & Accident Reports
  • Loss Prevention: Loss Prevention material issued recently, arranged by publisher
  • Other PDF Material: Various PDF Reports, sorted by topic including Safety, Security, Seafarer & Shipping Updates
  • Videos: 3 x SAFETY4SEA Videos for training [ approx. 15 minutes each ]

6. Weekly Safety Flash (E-mail)

A weekly boost of safety awareness across your offices and fleet

How regularly do you inform your personnel? Give your people a better picture and help them catch up with weekly news, Safety Alerts, Regulatory Outlook, Safety Digest, Risk Assessment, Safety Meeting ideas etc. SAFETY4SEA Weekly Safety Flash is ideal for distribution to key senior Management team onboard the vessels too. Get 52 x Weekly SAFETY FLASH e-mail at your inbox annually. Enhance the Safety Awareness and Culture onboard your vessels.

Available in: Ship Subscription
[x52 E-mails]
Corporate Subscription
[x52 E-mails]

[Approx. 7 pages A-4 printed format or 12-18 KB in text format]

  • Key weekly updates on:
    • News
    • Safety Alerts
    • Regulatory Outlook
    • Safety Digest
    • Risk Assessment
    • Safety Meeting ideas
    • Safety Slogan of the Week
  • Ideal for distribution to key senior Management team onboard the vessels
Available in: Corporate Subscription

7a. Risk Assessment Library (Online)

A Risk Assessment Library to be tailored to your own needs

Risk Assessment is a daily process ashore and across the fleet. Looking for guidance on hazard identification and risk management? More than 200 example risk assessments are here to use as a starting point for your own ones. Now you can fully tailor them to your needs the soonest possible and get useful insight in shipping operations regarding Risk Assessment.

More than 200 risk assessments available, such as:

  • Deck watchkeeping
  • Changing over the watch
  • Preparation for sea
  • Preparation for arrival in port
  • Embarking / disembarking pilot
  • Pilotage
  • Make fast / let go tug(s)
  • Passage plan appraisal
  • Navigation in coastal waters
  • Navigation in ocean waters, and many more…

7b. Incident Library (Online)

The ideal tool to prevent forthcoming incidents onboard your vessels

This fully indexed Incident Library containing over 100 real life incidents including minor and major near misses and accidents will turn to be the best investment of time and effort. This incident collection can turn real life incidents into lessons learned! Now you can access reviews during your organization’s safety meetings, reports to the office and/or drafting of forthcoming incidents and near misses.

Available in: Corporate Subscription

More than 65 incidents available, such as:

  • Lowering of Stbd lifeboat
  • Permit to work
  • Electric shock
  • Man Overboard
  • Mooring Operations
  • Entering an Enclosed space
  • Death by asphyxiation of two crewmen onboard
  • Failure of a windlass hydraulic motor
  • Pilot falls overboard during disembarkation
  • Heavy weather causes death, and many more…
Available in: Corporate Subscription

7c. Safety Digest Library (Online)

A library to turn human error into human performance improvement

From machinery and grounding digests to environmental ones; our Safety Digest Library has as sole purpose to help your organization in preventing maritime accidents from happening, by drawing out the root causes along with actions taken and lessons learned from 100 individual cases.

More than 100 safety digests available, such as:

  • Insecure Load
  • Broken High Pressure Oxygen Fitting
  • Welding Failure
  • Modification of Machinery
  • Container Door Fell on Deck
  • Sailing Close to a Construction Barge
  • Heavy Lift Operations
  • Potential Use of Petroleum-Based Grease in an Oxygen-Rich Environment
  • Crane Incident
  • Improper Use of Fall-Arrest Equipment Leads to Fall, and many more…

8. Magazine Archive (Online)

A full library of all magazine editions in PDF

In our modern times, everyone’s on the run and everything is moving really fast! Nevertheless, the need to be informed at all times about the hot topics concerning the maritime industry never ceases to exist. Our online archive of all our magazine editions, ready to be read and downloaded in PDF, is available for you in order not to make any compromise when it comes to keeping up with the demanding everyday workload, either ashore or onboard, and staying up to date with the latest shipping news.

Available in: Corporate Subscription

All past editions for:

  • SAFETY4SEA Log / Period: 2012 – to date
  • SAFETY4SEA Focus / Period: 2018 – to date
  • GREEN4SEA Log / Period: 2014 – 2017
  • RISK4SEA Log / Period: 2015 – 2017
  • CSR4SEA Log / Period: 2016 – 2017
  • Monthly Safety Bulletin / Period: 2016 -2017
Available in: Corporate Subscription

9. Conference Presentations (Online & DVD)

Speakers’ presentations of some of the most well attended events in the world

Our conferences gather high level speakers with international reputation in significant shipping hubs around the world; Greece, London, Hamburg, Singapore etc. Are your personnel unable to attend all SAFETY4SEA events? Now they can have access to more than 500 speakers’ presentations from all SAFETY4SEA, GREEN4SEA & SMART4SEA events held both in Greece and across the globe.

More than 500 speakers’ presentations from all SAFETY4SEA, GREEN4SEA & SMART4SEA conferences, such as:

  • David Nichol, Thomas Miller P&I (Europe) Ltd: The UK P&I Club Risk Assessment Scheme – Pollution Prevention and Mitigation
  • John Kokarakis, Black Sea Region & Middle East, Bureau Veritas: Challenges in the implementation of IMO and EU/MRV Regulation
  • Warwick Norman, RightShip: Vetting evolution over the last 20 years
  • Chris Adams, Steamship Mutual: Navigational Safety in the cyber era
  • Frank Coles, Transas: The Smart Connected Ship, Big Data and Cybersecurity towards Smart shipping

Enter the SAFETY4SEA Plus experience

Where we stand against competition

We claim that we provide the leading Regulatory Update and Safety Culture tool across the industry and therefore we have no problem benchmarking ourselves against the competition. Here is where we stand.

Corporate Subscription
Ship Subscription
Format Digital & Print Digital & Print Print
Paper magazine
  • SAFETY4SEA Log: 12 issues x 72 pages/issue
  • SAFETY4SEA Focus: 4 issues x 24pages/issue
  • SAFETY4SEA Crew Wellness: 4 issues x 24pages/issue
  • SAFETY4SEA Soft Skills: 4 issues x 24pages/issue
  • 1,152 pp per annum
  • SAFETY4SEA Log: 12 issues x 72 pages/issue
  • SAFETY4SEA Focus: 4 issues x 24pages/issue
  • SAFETY4SEA Crew Wellness: 4 issues x 24pages/issue
  • SAFETY4SEA Soft Skills: 4 issues x 24pages/issue
  • 1,152 pp per annum
  • 12 issues x 52 pages/issue
  • 624 pp per annum
Digital material Portal & extra material DVDs Magazine online
Regulatory Update
  • 4 DVDs per annum
  • 16 Flags, IMO, Class, P&I clubs, PSC
  • Online access to DVD material
  • 4 DVDs per annum
  • 16 Flags, IMO, Class, P&I clubs, PSC
Weekly E-Mails 52 Weekly Safety Flash Emails per annum 52 Weekly Safety Flash Emails per annum N/A
Risk Assessment Library Online access to more than 200 cases N/A N/A
Incident Library Online access to more than 100 cases N/A N/A
Safety Digest Library Online access to more than 100 cases N/A N/A
Flag News News for 16 Flags available Online & DVD N/A N/A
Conferences Presentations More than 500 speakers’ presentations available Online & DVD N/A N/A
Unit Cost Per annum 350 € 195 € +30-50%

7 ways to use the SAFETY4SEA Plus

SAFETY4SEA Plus is the world’s leading Regulatory Compliance & Safety Culture tool, used by more than 200 Organizations and 4,000 Ships to enhance their Safety and Environmental performance and ensure Regulatory Compliance in line with PSC, Vetting/TMSA and industry best practices.


1. Provide the easiest form of Regulatory Update

2. Promote and enhance Resilience

3. Provide brief and useful material for Safety Meetings

4. Breakdown in easy chunks lessons to be learned

5. Be the best and easiest tool to be used for Fleet training

6. Provide for Risk Assessment Assistance

7. Provide towards assisting in way of Incident Investigation

Material included in the subscription Regulatory Update Resilience Safety Meetings Lessons Learned
Fleet Training
Risk Assessment
Incident Investigation
12xSAFETY4SEA Mag – Monthly Updates              
Regulatory Update / Reports    
Safety Digest/Alerts  
Resilience Update & Training Material        
Safety/Security/PSC/Training Updates      
4x Focus Mag – Quarterly Regulatory Update    
4x Crew Wellness Mag – Quarterly Update        
4x Soft Skills Mag – Quarterly Update        
50x Weekly Safety Flash E-mail
4x Quarterly Regulatory Update DVD              
Hot Topic & Industry updates      
Regulations & Circulars (IMO, Class, Flag)      
Accident Investigations & Lessons learned        
Loss Prevention Material (Reports, Posters)      
PSC news & latest Reports      
Training Videos          
Online Access/Libraries              
Library incl. 200+ Risk Assessments          
Library incl. 100+ Safety Digests      
Library incl. 100+ Incident Investigations        
PDF Library with all magazine editions    
PDF presentations of all events              


Quantity Discount Ship Subscription*
1 195€
2 – 5 5% 185€
6 – 15 10% 175€
16 – 30 20% 156€
31 – 49 30% 137€
50 + 40% 117€

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